Mindfulness with Sophrology

Why Mindfulness with Sophrology?

The goal of mindfulness is to quiet the mind’s constant chattering, creating a  sense of inner ‘spaciousness’. From this place we are able to step away from our default responses and patterns of behaviour and think and act in fresh new ways. Mindfulness practioners learn to focus on the present moment with attention that is relaxed, open and non-judgemental.

Sophrology provides easy, practical everyday exercises to practice mindfulness.

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What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a body-mind practice which uses relaxation, simple movements, breathing and positive mental images to find a state of balance and ‘quiet’ in daily life.

Developed by a Spanish Neuro-psychiatrist, Sophrology has been is use in continental Europe for more than 50 years with great success in health, sports, arts, education and the corporate world.

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How does it work?

Sophrology is typically practised sitting in a chair or standing. A Sophrologist may guide you through a set of exercises in a one-to-one session or as part of a group. These exercises can be practised on your own and incorporated into the rhythm of your daily life.

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What people have said…   ‘When I do the exercises I feel more energised.’   ‘I’ve felt a difference in myself and other people have noticed.’  ‘I’ve done gym classes, yoga, pilates, stopped smoking, basically any self-help thing I could have done, I’ve done, and nothing has made a difference. However today Sophrology is the first time in three years I’ve been able to switch off my mind.’

What we do:

  • Group workshops – Dealing with Uncertainty and Change, A Values-Based Approach to Work and others
  • Wellbeing Programmes – topics may include Focus, Confidence, Creativity, Calm, Energy, Positivity, Sleep
  • Leadership development – designed according to need and addressing cognition, emotion, self-identity and meta-awareness 
  • One-to-one sessions – private and corporate