Mindfulness with Sophrology

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If you'd like to practise on your own, you can use the following audio for guidance. You'll need around 10 minutes for this exercise.

Body Scan

Download audio files (mp3) by right-clicking below

Body Scan (7 mins)

Inner Smile (10 mins)

Developing a habit

Charles Duhigg, in his excellent book The Power of Habit, boils habit down to a simple 3-part loop: Cue, Routine, Reward. The key to developing new habits is to use an existing trigger (cue) to introduce a new routine that delivers a reward to your brain (e.g. feeling good). The more often the brain uses the loop for good effect, the more ingrained the habit becomes, and eventually a kind of craving sets in.

It's great of you can introduce the habit of a 30 minute practice a day of a form of mindfulness. You will experience enormous benefit from this.

If that is too difficult a place to start, then try using triggers such as your daily commute, holding on the phone for a call centre, waiting for the kettle to boil, walking anywhere...to insert one to five minutes of becoming aware of how your body feels inside and releasing any tensions you discover, a counted breathing exercise, or one of the dynamic relaxation exercises you have learnt. Contact us for more ideas!

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Try breathing out very slowly and keep breathing out until you have no more breath in your lungs, then breathe out a little more, just once. Then do this regularly during the day. Notice how you feel