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Psychic Prayers Can Send Your Love and Support to Others

Psychic prayer conveys energy through the ether from one point to another. The energy flows from the person who is praying to the person who is being prayed for and is the object of the prayer.

You can even pray for a country or to avert or mitigate natural disasters. In psychic prayer, energy sends the prayer over any distance with no limits on the distance that needs to be covered.

The energy comes from the spirit of the person praying and travels over a distance to the person being prayed for, or to affect any event.

How to Pray

The best posture is to stand erect facing the direction in which you want to send the prayer, with your arms in a raised position with your palms facing outward towards the direction of your prayer.

This allows the energy from your heart and your palms to radiate easily. When you pray, visualize energy flowing and leaving your energy centers as pure white light. If you are in a public setting and feel awkward about this pose, keep your palm upwards on your knees, or focus on sending the energy outward from your heart.

According to Sir Hanuman a respected psychic in Montreal, You can pray for people whom you do not know, for instance, a person being rushed to hospital in an ambulance, or anyone whom you feel is distressed or unwell. Practice praying at a moment’s notice to send the energy of your psychic prayer to anyone who is in need, and you can this provide people with the energy that can change their life.

Make psychic prayer a part of your daily routine.

The Right Prayers

Pray for guidance in finding love and to remove all the blocks that come in the way. Pray for opening yourself to all the possibilities for love that disregards any defects, disabilities, and to find people who will be ideal companions and friends.

Pray for keeping all your relationships stable and free of conflict. Pray for a release from loneliness. Pray for your heart to be surrounded by love and light so that you are peace with the people around you and who will be in your life.

Pray for a spirit that creates a desire in you to heal and help others who are in difficulties. You can always pray for yourself and ask for your health and well being.

Psychic prayers for healing, love, and safety or help to others are a way of projecting your positive thoughts in a way that will benefit them but will return to you in the form of their gratitude.

When your psychic prayers involve love and healing they transfer you to a higher plane where you have increased powers to do good for others. Love is always the highest power that dwells in all hearts and can bring warmth and clarity and any energy that connects all of us.

Psychic prayers can be in many different styles and expressions. There must be a definite purpose for the prayer and must never be used for changing the mind of other people.